Retro: The Joy of Resident Evil 1

I remember buying this game when it was released back in 1996 and thinking there is no way a video game could ever scare me. But how wrong I could be, Resident Evil not only scared me (a lot) it entertained me immensely with it’s incredible and revolutionary gameplay, although using a very basic control system, that put you in the centre of the action making you rely on your reactions to aim and shot in the general direction of the variety of Zombies and monsters that came your way or run away like a screaming banshee.

Of course the game not only played well it also entertained, and a lot of times for the wrong reason. Famously known for the appalling dialogue that was spoken from the so called actors that lent their voices to Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton and Albert WESKER, it took the shine of a very well produced game but also gave me some of the biggest laughs i’ve had playing video games.

Some of classic lines that will always give me a smile are “Jill, here’s a lockpick. It might come in handy if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you” or the gem that was “WHOOOOAAAAAA! This hall is DANGEROUS!” or the over use of the phrase “What is it” over and over, all were so bad but all made the game that little more special.

Check them and more out below, so funny.

So you buy this new game that everyone is talking about and you stick the disc into your Playstation 1 and the first thing that you are greeted with is a live action intro with real actors, fire, explosions and hand puppet zombie dogs. It was a real joy to behold on it’s first watch, even though it was atrocious, and it was one of the first games to use such a concept to open a game. Don’t think it was ever done again….

After selecting either Jill (easy) or Chris (Hard-which i never did complete) we at last we enter the mansion and after the initial wandering around and shouts of “Don’t open. That door” we find our way to meet our first Zombie and after making his head pop off we go back wandering round the house till we get to a long corridor, it’s quiet….too quiet. Their are windows to the right and we don’t expect anything because we don’t see anything of danger like a Zombie slowly lumbering towards us so we relax, and head towards the end of the corridor enjoying the graphics and the fluid motion of Jill’s bum when suddenly from out of nowhere, through those dam innocuous windows, a couple of raving lunatic dogs burst into our relaxed world and scare us half to death. What the hell is going on? how do i shoot again?? crap, how do i reload again??? crap crap, how do i stop screaming???? and after dispatching them zombie dogs you feel the urge to never play the game again but you have to.

And so from that moment on you now enter every door in any Resident Evil game with your finger on the ‘Draw Gun’ button ready to shoot anything thats on the other side. Seriously was there ever anything as frightening in gaming as that moment with the dogs? Welcome to Resident Evil suckers.

The game plays out as we all know and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable experience, with the highlights being the room with the sharks, the bees, the appearance of them dam lizard people, the big plant boss, those puzzles, the final boss and another ‘how no to act’ performance from our beloved actors showing multiple endings depending on how you did. A great experience from start to finish.

Nintendo did re-release Resident Evil 1 on the Gamecube with a stunning remake using superb graphics and keeping most of the scares intact although at different times which really messed with your brain and again this was an incredible game proving the first will always be the best, better than Resi 4? quite possibly.


2 Responses to “Retro: The Joy of Resident Evil 1”

  1. December 16, 2009 at 8:52 am

    Ha Ha Ha that youtube clip was so funny! great article, i always remember the dogs jumping through the window, done me in. Better than Resi 4? never!! better than Resi 5? definitely.

  2. 2 moonhead
    December 16, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Have to agree with pixelfury Resi 4 still tops 1.

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