Zii Zii, but not the restaurant!

Here’s something interesting A report has surfaced which details a new trademark made by Japanese giant Nintendo. According to the piece Nintendo recently filed to reserve the word “Zii,” which is apparently to be used for videogaming and other electronic entertainment devices.

Obviously the rumour mill has started turning the gears. the main one being that the Zii could well represent a successor to the Nintendo Wii. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing to back this claim up other than fans’ overactive imaginations. I’m not sure how long the Wii has left for the ‘gamer’ there’s only so many party games we can play until we grave the norm. and now that the whole world now owns a Wii, we have seen sales decline rapidly (no doubt will pick up for Christmas) perhaps the Zii could be a HD Wii, which, lets face it, it’s in desperate need of some kind of graphical and HD overhaul. But with Microsoft’s own motion controls rumoured to be released next year, perhaps Nintendo are now running scared. I vote they should bring out the Ultra HD 6400. but that’s just me.


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