Death to Consoles???

Death to the console?

Are people prepared for the demise of the console? it appears that the big boss man at Square Enix thinks so. according to Toichi Wada, within 10 years, games will be played and distributed via network based platforms.

What do we think of that? well the plus points are that you no longer have to pay out large sums of money for the next-gen console every 5 years or so. If there is one standard format, then there would be no exclusive games for any particular console, so everybody gets to play all the games. so far this all sounds good, but I like my PS3 sitting under the TV, I like going online for a game of Warhawk now and again, or downloading a demo. this is all good. I also like to play my DVDs on it, Blueray, PS2 games and listen to music. If there was to be a box sitting in your room that was simply a portal for downloading games and that was it. I think that would be a bit rubbish. Plus, going down to your local game shop and browsing the shelves is one of lifes little pleasures, impulse buys would be a thing of the past, and the nice neat collection of game boxes would cease to exist.

you may be thinking, what am I talking about, there is still plenty of life left yet in the current generation, but with the forthcoming onlive service, the ‘dream’ of downloading all your games could be a reality sooner than you think!

check out the website www.onlive.com doesn’t look to good to me, and the all important joy pad looks like a cheap megadrive pad made by Madcatz or something if they were to win this idea over, why not incorporate plugs for all the current  PS3 and 360 pads, considering they are USB this shouldn’t be too hard do do. What ever you think of streaming games, I’m not sure I’ll be one to adopt it so quickly, after all, what is better than waking up christmas morning and seeing that famous game shaped box sitting under the tree…


1 Response to “Death to Consoles???”

  1. 1 wardy9mm
    December 17, 2009 at 11:00 am

    Microsoft and sony are investing killzieons of pounds turning the consoles into media centers and i think thats where the future is. Media center software on the pc that the xbox links to is still rubbish but as soon as they write a programe that networks your sterios around the house, streams films and media to all tv’s in the house and the motion capture stuff then they will be trully awesome. I know it technically can be done now but its far from easy.

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