Game Books!

As a Graphic Designer (yes I have a full time job) I experimented with the the idea of Video games and the famous penguin book covers of yesteryear. This is not a new concept by any stretch. A designer called Ollie Moss seems to of cornered this idea. Non the less it was worth giving it ago and found that it was great fun to do. The key to the book covers is finding the core element of the game simplifying it as much as possible, and then make a book cover from the ideas and there you have. quite simple in practice, but to find that one element that everyone would recognise from the game and then make it work as a cover and keeping the element obvious is quite tricky and this is what makes it so fun.

The strange thing is, that if you look at some of the art and design of the video games industry from the 80’s and 90’s

it looks rubbish, yet these books, made to look old fashioned have a certiain charm and modern look to them, I would quite happily pic one of these off the book shelf.  I could go on about the design styles of the decades and so on but this is about Games so I’ll save you from that.

You can see some examples here, or you can head on over to http://www.paulcollett.co.uk to view the full collection.


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