Grand Theft Auto 5 set in…?

With the rumours of Grand Theft Auto 5 appearing near Christmas 2010, speculation is reaching fever pitch as to where the new game will take place. judging from this advert from the manual of the XBOX 360 Episodes from Liberty City (page 17) it appears that things are moving away from the milked Liberty City to a brand new location. Odds on that it could be Vice City as at the end of GTA 4 Niko’s plane ticket says Vice City. This seems a tad obvious considering the cryptic nature of Rockstar’s PR. Personally I hope they ditch Niko as he was in my opinion boring, I hope they make a return to San Andreas, my favourite of all the GTA locations. This could be a possibility, if you look in the corner of the advert, you’ll see a glimpse of what looks like mountains and beeches. This would suggest to me San Andreas. lets hop so. Where would you like to see the next GTA?  I think London has been waiting to long and perhaps time to leave the shores of America and introduce us to the underworld gangland of old London ‘tan’


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