PS3 breaks four million barrier in Japan

Japanese games mag Famitsu is reporting that the PS3 has cracked over four million unit sales in Japan.

As of December 13th , there were 4,020,563 PlayStation 3s sitting under Japanese HD TVs, with the figure seen as a pretty good landmark for the Japanese electronics and entertainment giant considering they are still loosing money on the console

To put that into some kind of context though, in roughly the same time period give or take a month, ¬†Nintendo’s Wii has apparently sold a whopping 9,048,012 units which is over double those PS3 sales. Admittedly it’s a bit difficult to compare like-for-like with the two consoles varying widely in spec and performance.

Still, whichever way you slice your turkey, it’s good news for Sony and they will probably hope to break that five million sales mark in their home territory even quicker.


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