Photo Fighter X: The Best Thing EVER!!!!????

Put yourself and your friends in Mortal Kombat. Sort of.

Lucky Japanese. Yesterday on the DSi Shop Channel Nintendo unleashed a brand new game called Photo Fighter X, a side-scrolling fighting game that gives you the ability to put your friends and yourself into the arena. It’s probably the best downloadable game on the DSi.

In Photo Fighter X, you build your roster of fighters by taking photos of your buddies in a variety of set poses. The game walks you through the task of setting up the images for not just the fighter win and lose profiles, but also the kick, punch, walk, and fireball motions, as well as the poses for taunts and falls and the object you’ll use as your projectile. The “create a fighter” mode is a simple matter of having your friend (or yourself) pose in the position that’s drawn on the screen. You’ll need to fit within the silhouette for it to look right in action, but even if you’re cut off it’ll still come out OK.

Once you’ve got all the poses down, the next step is the sound effects. Each portrait has a sound associated with it, and Photo Fighter X will accept three-second long audio clips for each effect recorded through the DSi’s microphone. Kicks, punches, wins, losses, taunts, and super moves all have sound effects attached to them, so you can really make each character a personal project even if they’ll all play near identical to each other.

Once the visuals and audio are created, you’ll assign one of four sets of special moves for that character. One character can throw three fireballs at a time as well as drop a giant sphere into the arena, while another character can punch fists of flurry and grow three times bigger for a short amount of time.

Along with the roster of eight fighters you can create, you can also snap photos that will be used as a backdrop for the fighting arena. There are eight slots for these as well.

The final product is meant to mimic the Street Fighter II-style genre, complete with energetic character select screen. The single player mode is a 1-vs-100 survival mode where your character punches and kicks through a seemingly endless army of fighters that you’ve created in the game. The two player requires both players to hold the same DSi system – D-pad and L button for player one, A,B,X,Y and R buttons for player two.

Your character will always have a “halo” of the specific pose around him, as the game doesn’t have the ability to trim around the photo. But the idea of seeing your photos animate with the fluidity of a 16-bit 2D sprite still comes through even with the restriction.

I don’t think the gameplay will win any rewards, but who the hell cares when you can kick the living shit out of some of your best mates. I think this is the start of something incredible

It’s a shame that there’s no way of sharing fighters between systems, nor is there a way to play other Photo Fighter X fighters on other DSi handhelds. I’m guessing this restriction’s been put in place to prevent gamers from sharing the inevitable “naked fighters shooting penises out of their hands” creations. You know it’ll happen. Just watch You Tube in the next week.

I have no doubt that we’ll see Photo Fighter X in the US in 2010 — it’s currently only playable on Japanese DSi systems since only those units can access the Japanese DSi Shop channel where the game resides.

I only hope that this can be translated to other formats, iphone would be great as its a camera you take everywhere, you could take a photo of that guy with his armpit in your face on the tube and then spend the rest of the journey punching his lightsout. what about the PS3 and 360 Cameras? I’m sure they’ll have the processing power to make look and play better. Not forgetting of course online matches! round 1. lazy in bed boy vs drunken idiot. FIGHT!


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    Thank you for a great post

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