looking back at the decade that changed gaming

The Guardian Gamesbloggers have been around for years and while contributors to the daily Chatterboxes come and go (PresidentScree – that was me and I haven’t popped my head in for ages) it remains a vibrant community of gaming bods, shooting the STOS and generally loving their games. 

The Guardian’s Games section has recently published its Top 50 Games of the Noughties and will, like any list of this nature, whip up controversy like Jerry Springer in a hurricane, looking over the list shows what a magnificent and game-changing (pun sadly intended) decade this one has been.

I can remember my Dad bringing home a ZX Spectrum like it was yesterday. I lovingly recall the early days of my gaming life with my best friends – the dodgy seaside arcades, the Mastertronic pocket money games, the sit-down cabinets of central London arcades – it was a great time to be a gamer – every year brought new complexities of graphics and peripherals but the thrill remained constant. 

Then with the PS2 and Xbox came the death of the arcades as the home consoles emulated the games perfectly and slowly gaming innovation came home and now we have the family friendly Wii taking a different journey from the Xbox 360 and the PS3, locked as they are in a rivalry to, well – rival, the playground battles of the Speccy and the C64 (phuttup). 

The top games on the list will be no surprise, and the Number one game of the last decade is well deserved, if you haven’t taken up your gravity gun – you really should and look forward to the next decade when games will change again beyond all recognition, but the thrill, as always, remains the same.


1 Response to “looking back at the decade that changed gaming”

  1. December 18, 2009 at 9:49 am

    Ha Ha Ha Mastatronic, I remember those. £2.99 for game, Oh boy those were the days, shore beats the £44.99 you get now days.

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