Pinball Wizard??

In an answer to Microsofts motion sensing Project Natal to be released at some point next year, Sony has started the PR bandwagon rolling by releasing a teasingly intriguing picture. Their new motion controller looks like a stick with a couple of  colored ping pong balls attached. All very mysterious and in fairness not a lot different from the sticks with ping pong balls attached that they showed at E3.  A little disappointing in my eyes as most of the design elements of the Playstation brand always look pretty good, this on the other hand doesn’t. It reminds me of a Sing Star Peripheral or something. But, its not all down to looks at the end of the day, with reports suggesting it creates far more accuracy than both the wii (with motion plus) and Project Natal. only time will tell at the end of the day, but at least there is something to look forward to next year that might change gaming forever! or possibly not, what do you think?


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