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We’re Moving!

I have slaved over a hot computer over the festive period to bring Pixelfury bang up to date. I have purchased the domain name, designed the site (thanks to the templates anyways) and set it all up for blogging fun. The new site is now live you can see it at

So, hopefully this will make the site bigger and better, and allow me access to more news reviews and features that I can bring to you guys. Thanks so much for supporting me and I’ll be seeing you over at pixel-fury!!!!!!!


Saboteur PS3 Review

IGN have released their review of Saboteur on the PS3, thankfully not the god awful game that appeared on the Spectrum and Atari ST. But going by this review, its not much better, Shame really I thought this looked quite good in the preview stages.

check out the review here|


Recession Busting Deals pt 2

Well it really is the season to be jolly, looking at these crazy prices. check it out. I know where I’ll be getting my stocking fillers from…


UK Top Ten

Here are this months Uk all formats top ten (compiled by elspa)

No surprises as to what’s number one, but that pesky Mario Kart refuses to go away. testament to gameplay over graphics.

1. Modern Warfare 2

2. Wii Sports Resort

3. Assassin’s Creed 2

4. Wii Fit Plus

5. Fifa 2010

6. New Super Mario Bros.Wii

7. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

8. Just Dance

9. Forza Motorsport 3

10. Mario Kart Wii


Perfect Gaming Moments: Zx Spectrum to PSone

There are some moments in gaming that provide a clarity, a new understanding of the game and of the expanding horizons of gaming. These great gaming moments can be a visual trick, an event in the game world or something as simple as a well animated sprite.

There are moments when the line between fantasy and reality is totally gone and the possibilities seem endless, that rare feeling of something totally new and the instant knowledge that nothing will be the same again.

The rise of gaming has been a series of logical steps, as processors get faster and the range of colours on screen expands games have become for want of a better word, prettier.

But the real defining moments of gaming are not limited by speed and colour depth, but by a spark of inspiration from the games designers and programmers. These moments once experienced are never forgotten and the feeling is infectious, how often have you only had to say “Do you remember that bit in Zelda…” for the moment to come flooding back and the inspiration return.

Here we celebrate that inspiration.

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Army Of Two 40th Day demo

EA’s about to release a new playable demo of its upcoming action sequel Army of Two: The 40th Day on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. On December 17th, gamers will be able to grab the one-level demo, which sees Salem and Rios trapped in Shanghai as it comes under siege. Bet you can’t wait considering the pantos that was the first game, and this doesn’t look much better, still always nice to haveva demo to play. Especially now that its SNOWING!!!


Zii Zii, but not the restaurant!

Here’s something interesting A report has surfaced which details a new trademark made by Japanese giant Nintendo. According to the piece Nintendo recently filed to reserve the word “Zii,” which is apparently to be used for videogaming and other electronic entertainment devices.

Obviously the rumour mill has started turning the gears. the main one being that the Zii could well represent a successor to the Nintendo Wii. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing to back this claim up other than fans’ overactive imaginations. I’m not sure how long the Wii has left for the ‘gamer’ there’s only so many party games we can play until we grave the norm. and now that the whole world now owns a Wii, we have seen sales decline rapidly (no doubt will pick up for Christmas) perhaps the Zii could be a HD Wii, which, lets face it, it’s in desperate need of some kind of graphical and HD overhaul. But with Microsoft’s own motion controls rumoured to be released next year, perhaps Nintendo are now running scared. I vote they should bring out the Ultra HD 6400. but that’s just me.

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