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XBOX 360 Avatar Reality System?

We may be seeing more realistic Xbox avatars soon, possibly thanks to the release of Project Natal late next year. ¬†Microsoft filled a new patent for a new Xbox 360 Avatar Reality system. Sounds like the new avatars will match the user’s real life physical appearance thanks to the Natal’s camera. Sounds quite exciting, ¬†might get people off their chairs and perhaps someone communicate with another Avatar by weird sign language or something. What would be odd if they have a Mii channel like thing were you have all these Avatars matching their real life counter part waiting for a cursor hand to grab them or worse, voted on!!!! eek


James Cameron’s Avatar Review

The chaps over at CVG and PSM3 have the final review of James Cameron’s Avatar. I’ve not seen the film yet, but judging from the reviews over at its meant to be a corker. Doesn’t look like the game lives up to the hype of the movie though. shame. you can read the review here.

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