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Bayonetta PS3 review

I’m excited about this game. I played the demo and it blew me away with its insane moves, story and general weirdness. I mean having hair that makes up your dress and guns for stilletos! What’s not to like? head on over to Computer and Video Games to get the verdict. Shame it gets released a little late for my Christmas stocking. gah


Bayonetta Wallpaper

This is the one game I’m really looking forward to getting when its released in January. Check out the demo now available on PSN and XBOX live. Until the release, plaster your desktop with this fancy if slightly headache inducing wallpaper

Right click and save image


Bayonetta Weapon Montage

Latest video of Bayonetta has turned up on IGN, it it looks awesome, I can’t wait for this game, I have played the demo and its as good as everyone says it is and looks. its utterly barmy (her cloths are made up from her hair, which also doubles as her special moves leaving her in the buff half the time) ┬áBut the gameplay is superb and totally over the top. but you never feel lost, even if you resort to button bashing, the game makes you feel like you were meant to pull of that 50 move combo of death. Wicked. check out the trailer here

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