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How to unlock the secret Street Fighter 4 Characters

Ok here’s something funny(ish) This is for all of you who spent loads of money on an Action Reply all those years ago with the dream of taking it home, simply entering a code and then being able to play the four boss characters in Street Fighter 2! Yes, that was probably the biggest ‘thing’ in the Street Fighter 2 era, the amount of afternoons and nights me and my friends spent entering random codes in the feeble attempt to get to play as M Bison was silly, the closet we got was having a shadow of Balrog and doing the usual down, down forward, forward motion on the Joypad only to get him to do a fire ball. There was some other funs stuff too, we managed to get mid air fire balls, super hyper speed, and some costume colour changes and that was about it. (don’t get me started on the blood code for Mortal Kombat on the SNES) anyways, things are much simpler now days, below you will find all you need to unlock the characters in Street Fighter 4.

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