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Unreal Engine 3 on Iphone!!

That little touch screen marvel keeps on surprising! Gears Of War developer Epic has been showing off its iPhone version of the Unreal Engine 3, though it says it’s not announcing any games for the platform just yet.

Epic boss Mark Rein has been showcasing an Unreal Engine 3 tech demo running on a third generation iPod Touch. It’s the same Unreal Engine 3 that powers Gears of War 2. Rein says it’ll be seen running on another mobile platform at CES next year.
“The demo is both playable and has a flythrough,” says AnandTech. “It’s using a modified Unreal Tournament level previously shown off at GDC. A virtual thumbstick on the left side of the screen controls your movement, while tracking your thumb in the lower right corner of the screen controls the camera. Just tap the screen to shoot. Mark said this is a tech test bed and they’re experimenting with several different control schemes including ones with tilt.”

This is exciting stuff indeed, What’s next for the iphone, virtual reality googles, HD, 3D, Plasma holographic display? or perhaps just a way to control games easily. Lets face it the touch screen is a bit naff for that. Lets hope the guys at Epic can sort it out.  Viva la iphone


PaperBoy for iphone

Get your rose tinted spectacles on and read over this article about Paperboy coming to iphone. Is this a good thing, I think so! The Secret of Monkey Island was a great success  and with Sega releasing Streets of Rage, Golden Axe and Sonic the Hedgehog and now this, it can only build on those foundations.  Personally, I jail broke my iphone and have a PSX, NES, SNES, GBA and Genisis emulator so I can play all the retro games I want. but we don’t condone that sort of thing on this site. check out the news HERE


Photo Fighter X: The Best Thing EVER!!!!????

Put yourself and your friends in Mortal Kombat. Sort of.

Lucky Japanese. Yesterday on the DSi Shop Channel Nintendo unleashed a brand new game called Photo Fighter X, a side-scrolling fighting game that gives you the ability to put your friends and yourself into the arena. It’s probably the best downloadable game on the DSi.

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