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PSP 4000 was a mistake says Peripheral  company!

Unsurprisingly Modern Warfare 2 claims Christmas top spot

Limp Bozkit makes Rock Band debut

Super Street Fighter 4 gets 10 new characters

Sony registers Qriocity!

Final Fantasy XIII causes PS3 sales Surge

Wii Relax is the first game to make you fall asleep (not because its so bad I presume)


365 days in 90 seconds

Sometimes people can be a little busy to play the multitude of games that get released in a year. Sometimes they are too expensive to buy. Admittedly I havn’t played nearly enough games this year, but if ¬†you head over to Game Radar they have kindly complied 2009’s best games into a 90 second clip so you can check out what you missed out on and what possible games you could pick up in the trade in bins. My pick is Batman Arkham Asylum. check it out HERE


Saboteur PS3 Review

IGN have released their review of Saboteur on the PS3, thankfully not the god awful game that appeared on the Spectrum and Atari ST. But going by this review, its not much better, Shame really I thought this looked quite good in the preview stages.

check out the review here|

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