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Perfect Gaming Moments: Zx Spectrum to PSone

There are some moments in gaming that provide a clarity, a new understanding of the game and of the expanding horizons of gaming. These great gaming moments can be a visual trick, an event in the game world or something as simple as a well animated sprite.

There are moments when the line between fantasy and reality is totally gone and the possibilities seem endless, that rare feeling of something totally new and the instant knowledge that nothing will be the same again.

The rise of gaming has been a series of logical steps, as processors get faster and the range of colours on screen expands games have become for want of a better word, prettier.

But the real defining moments of gaming are not limited by speed and colour depth, but by a spark of inspiration from the games designers and programmers. These moments once experienced are never forgotten and the feeling is infectious, how often have you only had to say “Do you remember that bit in Zelda…” for the moment to come flooding back and the inspiration return.

Here we celebrate that inspiration.

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